Sunday, April 4, 2010

Done being pregnant!!!

Dearest Collin,
I love you, but my ribs and hips have informed me that you are wearing out your welcome. I guess you will grace us with your presence when you're good and ready, but personally, I can't stretch anymore!!! Plus, I'd much rather hold you in my arms than in my guts at this point. Can't wait to see you!! LOVE, Mommy

Sunday, April 5, 2009

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I posted several post so keep reading.

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Well I did it. I am posting Brooklyn's first birthday before she is two!! Heck I am doing it before 18 months, am I good or what. (please no comments hehe).
So she did it, she made it to THE BIG ONE!! I am so proud of our baby girl. In one year she has learned to crawl and walk, say "that" , "mom", "dad". She took her first steps two days before her first birthday and crawled a week before that. It is kind of a long story, but Brooklyn was always a very unhappy baby so two weeks before her birthday we took her to the chiropractor. We had lots of people tells it would help so we finale took her. (the thaught of a chiroprator craking Brooklyn made me sick, but we had been to the doctors alot and they would always say there is nothing wrong, or it just collic, but we knew it was more then that) We took Brooklyn in and the doctor said that her hips were so far out of aligment that he was surprised she could crawl. We told him she could not crawl then he told us that it would take him two adjustments to put her in aligment. He also said that her skull was over lapped and that she probably has head akes. My poor baby!! Anyways he put her in alignment and she was crawling that night and the next week she was walking. All I have to say is that he is going to Heaven for sure.

Anyways her are some pictures of Brooklyn!!

This is Brooklyn helping mama make her cake.
This is Brooklyn's two cakes. They were made with Little Pet Shop Toys which she loves. The big beach themed cake was for the party and the little winter cake was her own.

The decoration theme was "THE BIG ONE". I had a shirt printed up with that saying, and all of the decorations said it as well.

Then Brookly could dig into her cake. I dreamed of this moment for so long. I would put the cake in front of her and she would dig in. She would have it all over her hair and the floor. EVERYWARE!! Well brooklyn would not even touch it. SO SAD. All that hard work. I guess it was to cute for her to want to reck it.

Then came presents. Well she was spoiled roughten. Thank you everyone.

.This is the toy Jeff and I bought her. It is a musical toy on one side, and a lego building station on the other. But as you can see it is just a chair to Brooklyn. SHe takes the stations off and sitts in it.

This was Brooklyn with two of her cousins. The oldest on the right, then Brooklyn, then Megan. Brooklyn was the tallest and Megan was the heaviest and poor Vivian was the smallest all around.

It was so nice to see my baby growing up. She will never know what she means to her dad and I but she means everything. She is a very special little girl with and angel for a brother. We are proud of you Brooklyn Noel.


Christmas started with the annual ward Christmas party. This is Brooklyn and I waiting for daddy.
Brooklyn did not like Santa. Maybe she was more naughty then nice
Then we have the annual Wickham Christmas party. Followed by the Grandma Baily party. I don;t have pictures of the Bailey party but her are grandma Wickham's grand and great grand kids form her Christmas party.
This is Brooklyn's Christmas dress. She is playing with her little people nativity while mommy gets ready. This was Christmas day and I am helping Brooklyn open her Christmas presents. She made out quite well for only being 10 months.

World's greatest art

Jeff and I have a good friend Heather Angel Patty who just graduated form ISU with a Art History major. Congratulations Heather! Anyways this is a little piece of Heather's hard work.

P.S. My pictures do not even come close to giving her art justice because you can't see all the textures and what not. Sorry Heather.

Random Crazyness

OK, so I am not the world best blogger, which is a little strange seeing how I am overly sentimental and save everything for a memory. This last three months has been a little crazy. In order to catch you up I am going to make several little post with in this one posting.

First we got around 40" of snow this year. About 30" of that was on are yard so of course you have to go sledding. Here is Brooklyn all bundled up she looks like the kid on the Christmas story that can't bend there arms very well. Needless to say Brooklyn was not amused.

Dillard's in Pocatello went out of business. So Jeff and I bought Brooklyn this Christening gown before the sale it was $80.00 brand new we got it for $9.00 we thought it would be a pretty cute dress for church.

Here is Brooklyn with her new dress. As you can see she bought it herself with mom's debit card. (her favorite toy). Did you notice she has a bow in her hair. That's right she has HAIR. YAAAAAAH.
Jeff and I game with some friends every Friday night. The group consists of Jeff and I, Michael and Heather Angel Patty, Ben and Katrina Pickett, and Mike and Angie. We always have a full house because of all the kids, for the most part we always have 8 kids and the adults, and some times up to 10 kids with the adults. Not to mention Angie's little brother Allen is going to start gaming with us as well. Yeah I know I am totally crazy to have that many people in my house every Friday night, but it is fun and worth it. Here are some pictures of Angie rocking Joel to sleep while gaming, and Mike in his hand made hat form gaming, you had to be there.

This was just a good picture of Jeff and his fam with Brooklyn. Jeff and I went to Fairview, Utah (aka the middle of no ware) New Years day to see Jeff's family. We had a lot of fun. We went to the best museum for a little town.
Joel and Brooklyn were both very ornery so Angie and I decided to do what makes the kids the happiest. A bath!! Well as you can see it worked for one and not the other. LOL

Jeff and his baby being cute, I love this picture.

I babysit Megan, Brooklyn's cousin every now and then. This is a picture of Brooklyn with two of her cousins. How cute. (Joel, Brooklyn, Megan)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Giggle Giggle

I found a couple of videos of Brooklyn Giggling and I though you might enjoy.